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My Lesbian story part 2 -Yvonne Nelson

Jim is now seeing fellow Gallywood actress, Nadia Buari. I asked
Yvonne if she was not treading on dangerous path if indeed she had
ever dated Jim Iyke. Smiling, Yvonne told me "I am not dating Jim Iyke
– and that's the truth, but I want to confess that we have very close
relationship. We have great chemistry together – call it some form of
magic between us, especially when we act together.
He is a hot guy and I like him a lot. We are always together when he
comes to Ghana to act in movies, I drive him around. When I am in
Nigeria, he does the same for me. But does that mean that we are
dating? The answer is no. We are great friends – the manner I am with
Majid Michel, John Dumelo – these are great and hot friends of mine as
well. Does it mean that I must date ever person that I have an
on-screen chemistry with?
People should learn to be less judgmental. There is nothing wrong
about having a friendship with a co-star and not talking it to the
physical level."

*Yvonne Nelson
Given that the reason she was alleged to be a lesbian was because she
had not been regularly seen with boyfriend, I asked Yvonne if she was
currently dating. "I am not dating now –conventionally speaking – but
I wouldn't say that I am desperate for a relationship at the same
People have asked me if I don't think I should be considering settling
down, and I tell them that I appreciate their concerns but that I am
still very young. I don't have to rush to get married because everyone
is doing so. When the time comes, I will get married. This may
surprise you: I am a simple girl – very easy to date. If I go out with
a date, it doesn't cost the man money. I don't order expensive
champagne, I don't order exotic meals. My drink of choice is orange
Most women would say they are looking for a chiseled man –those with
perfect six-packed abs – well, good luck to them. I am not interested
in macho men. I am more interested with the substance-the values and
the humanity the man brings to the table than with his physical or
material possessions. I work hard, so I don't expect my man to have to
slave to satisfy me. I am sure this may surprise you, because any one
who looks at me – analyses the roles I play – may incorrectly define
me according to those roles. That is the exact opposite of what and
who I am – so when the time is right for me to get married, God will
bring that guy to me. "
'No problem with Jackie'
Some years ago, it was widely reported that Yvonne was banned from
Gallywood and Nollywood for one year due to her alleged rift and diva
attitude toward fellow Ghanaian actress – Jackie Appiah –an actress
she is said to be engaged in a fight of supremacy with. I asked Yvonne
what was the status of her relationship with Jackie. In a body
language that showed she was weary of being thought to entertain
animosity towards Jackie, she said: "I don't have problems with Jackie
Appiah at least any that I know of. The industry is large and big
enough to accommodate everyone, so the notion that I am in some form
of competition with her to determine who is a better actress is
"But according to published report, you were said to have been banned
because you wanted same treatment given to Jackie Appiah on set to be
accorded you, and when that didn't happen, you were said to have
stormed offset, leading to your being banned for conduct not befitting
a top actress", I pointedly told Yvonne. "First of all, let me set the
record straight – no one banned me. I was not banned, period. I was
working throughout the period they claimed I was banned. Concerning my
request to be accorded same treatment as Jackie Appiah, that again is
misleading and untrue. I think I have worked hard enough and
established enough bonafides to have certain things I need in the
industry without having to make an issue out of those demands. I don't
know if some of these rumors emanated
from camps that wanted to amplify a non-existent hostility and rivalry
between Jackie and I. I was in the university for four years and was
acting at the same time. Most times, there were conflicts between my
lectures and time I was supposed to be on set and I would make some
demands and, most times, things didn't go so well on set and, because
I wasn't going to compromise my studies, I tried as much as possible
to manage the two competing demands. Sometimes, I had to make choices
that may not have been pleasant with certain actors and producers. I
want to say that I have no regrets for pursuing my education, at the
same time, giving my best to the industry. It has made me a better
actress – and one with a better inquiring mind".
The first reaction of the husband was to dismiss the video as fake and
a lurid attempt to embarrass him and his family, but on a closer
examination, and seeing clearly the face of his wife, in various
stages of intimacy with a strange man, he was seized by shock and
revulsion. He  could not believe that the wife he married, and who
bore him four children could betray her marital vows in such a public
and embarrassing manner.
When he was told the video had gone viral and that  almost everyone in
the Nigerian Diaspora community had watched the video on their smart
phones, the shock was too much for him to bear. The children were
stunned and the wife, too, ashamed and, with all she had worked for in
the United States about to go up in flames, had been on suicide watch,
in a Washington, DC hospital.
Read the details, next week, of how infidelity and emotional abuse
have turned wives against husbands and husbands against wives in the
Nigerian Diaspora community in the United States. The pathetic case of
a Nigerian nurse whose affair was leaked on Internet with video to
boot, on a suicide watch, her story will make you cry.

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